Sunday, 4 August 2013

Rib and Boat Transport Services

Boat Transport

Rather than attempting to move your boat alone, you can hire a professional boat transport service which has the specialist boat trailers and experience to deliver your boat from A to B.

Whether you have a work-horse rib boat, a sail boat or a small cruiser, boat towing services can provide the solution you need. Boat transporters have developed into a state-of-the-art industry - which ensures your vessel is transported safely and arrives in one piece with no major marks.

Boat transport companies provide services for both commercial and private owners. So whether you are simply an owner or small firm that wants to transport a boat from France to the UK, for example, or you are a boat manufacturer who wants to deliver a boat to a new owner - boat towing companies are available.

Buying a Boat Trailer

Buying, for example, a rib boat trailer is not as expensive as you might imagine. The standard 'Gullwing Boat Trailer' makes the perfect rib boat trailer and comes in at a reasonable price of approx £1000. This trailer has all the standard features you would be looking for; like a roller - to allow for easy launch and recovery, even in shallow water, aluminium alloy extensions, which are bespoke designed and involved very little maintenance, security bars, winches and waterproof bearings.

For larger boats, like sail boats or luxury cruisers, you will likely want to hire a more sophisticated trailer. Professional companies have trailers, which have the latest in technological advancements - with laser censored breaking mechanisms and anti-roll systems.

The fact is, if you own a boat, at some point you are going to need to think about moving it across land - whether that be for a new work or leisure destination, or even simply for dry-dock maintenance. Your options are to either a hire a professional boat transport contractor, or invest in your own trailer.

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  1. I had a trailer for my boat a long time ago but the last few years I hired a professional boat transporter. It spares me so much time and effort!!

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